Monetize Traffic Across Your Desktop and Mobile
Ad Networks with these Effective Ad Formats

  • Smart Link

    Smart links are a universal ad format used with all types of redirect traffic. Smart links work to ensure that users can continue to move forward in their browsing or purchasing experience without running into dead ends. Because they avoid broken experiences, they are a great option for premium ad networks and can boost the mobile app server.

  • Banners

    A great option for cpm ads banners are a tried and true way to advertise online. We support IFrame and JS codes, as well as full page banners, standard size banners, floating banners, header/footer banners and instant message banners. Although commonly text and images, banners can also be a great place to embed your mobile video ads.

  • Pop-under/Pop-up

    The pop-under and pop-up are two of the most successful ad formats for traffic monetization. They work well across cpi mobile ad networks, where the advertiser only pays for installs, rather than views. This can be beneficial for mobile app advertisers, as it places the ad in front of many sets of eyes, but only bills for the conversions.

  • Custom Ad Format

    Unsure of the best format to approach mobile ad monetization or simply looking for a different format for your mobile display ads? Contact us today to see how we can help optimize your mobile ad platform for your specific needs. If you let us know how you monetize your traffic, we can try to create a personalized tool just for you. We can also facilitate seamless mobile ad exchange.