We deliver real results with our Premium Mobile and Desktop Conversions and Advertising Network Solutions

  • Affordable minimum deposit

    Targeleon makes life easy and affordable for advertisers. With only a $25 minimum deposit required to start your ad campaign, it is easy and cost effective to get started with a mobile advertising platform. Whether you are looking for google mobile ads or mobile video advertising, we feel it should be easy and accessible to get started. See for yourself today.

  • Precise Targeting

    Looking for efficient, targeted results from your app advertising platform? Targeted mobile app advertising has never been easier. Our optimized system helps with location based mobile advertising and can also narrow down your target audience by GEO, Device, OS, Browser, or Carrier. We also offer cutting edge mobile advertising tracking.

  • Available Ad Formats

    We support ad formats of all types across our network, with desktop and mobile redirects available. With smart links, banners, pop ups and more, we support cpa advertising, cpi advertising and cpm advertising. We utilize the most popular and effective ad formats to deliver great results for your campaign.

  • Premium Publishers

    We deliver only premium converting traffic from carefully selected, well-established, and approved sources, providing great results across the entire app advertising platform. Using our optimized rotator, we connect advertisers with compatible, high-quality partners, making it easy to succeed with your mobile display advertising campaign.

  • Global Reach

    Thanks to the wonders of the internet, the world has never been more interconnected. We make it easy to take your mobile performance advertising campaign global and can expand your ad campaign to over 100+ world markets. For advertisers dealing primarily with e-commerce, this can provide a huge boost to your audience with just a few clicks.

  • Sophisticated Anti-Fraud Technology

    Our business only makes sense when your ad campaigns are successful, and we go to great lengths to ensure that we remain a fair and transparent mobile advertising platform. Our in-house anti-cheat system, combined with top quality monitoring services, make sure that your campaign budget is spent on a real audience.