Publisher's FAQ

Are you CPA or CPM based?

We are performance based network and we pay Cost Per Action, meaning the traffic should generate some type of conversion/action depending on the Advertiser's requirements (CPA/CPI/CPL/CPS/etc.)

What traffic do you accept?

We accept worldwide:

  • Domain/Redirect, Popup/Popunder, In-App
  • Mobile and Desktop
  • Mainstream and Adult
  • Incent and Non-Incent

What monetization tools do you offer to your Publishers?

  • Smart Links / Smart Pops / Smart Banners
Each ad format has full coverage from start and has integrated in-house Smart Optimization Algorithm (SOA) to deliver the top paying ads in real time for the highest eCPMs to earn.

  • Mobile and Desktop Offers
We provide full spectrum of daily updated, live, and top trending Mobile and Desktop Offers from all GEOs and Verticals.

  • SDK
Universal tool for Mobile Apps Developers supporting SDK Interstitial Ads and SDK Banners.

Do I have to go through any approval process to start sending traffic?

No, the only approval required is if you are planning on working with the Offers. Each Offer is subject to approval by your Account Manager.

How do I create Smart Link campaign?

In order to create Smart Link campaign, please follow the next simple steps:
  • Login into your Publisher account;
  • Click the Smart Tools menu on the left side of the screen;
  • To create new campaign you have to make sure your Payment Method is set up;
  • Click on "Create new campaign" button;
  • Enter desired name for your campaign or click "Generate" for random name;
  • Choose one of the available ad formats, Smart Link/Smart Pop/Smart Banner;
  • Choose the traffic category. Very important step to set up precise and relevant coverage;
  • Click "Create".

Once the campaign is created click on the "Get code" button to copy the campaign's link. You have an option to add Sub ID or Click ID token as well, if desired.

Offer's "Apply" button is not active. Why?

To activate "Apply" button for any Offer in our system you have to have your Payment Method set up first.

How do I promote/work with Offers?

  • Once the requested Offer(s) is approved, you can send traffic directly to the Offer(s) tracking link;
  • Or, you can use available Offer's creatives/banners to place them on your site. If there are no creatives available please contact your AM. If you wish to use your own creatives/banners, please make sure you get them approved by your AM before running.

How often do you pay your publishers?

  • Smart tools/SDK - WEEKLY. The payouts are done on each Friday for the previous week revenue period.
  • Offers - NET30. The payouts are done on the last day of the current month for the previous month revenue period.

Do I have to request payments?

No, the payments are processed automatically. Always make sure your payment profile is up to date to avoid any delays in payments.

Do you have a minimum payment requirement?

No, there is NO MINIMUM payment requirement for all payment methods accept wire transfer. Any amount of earned commission is paid out according to the payment terms and schedule.

How can I get paid?

Currently we support the following payment systems: Wire, PayPal, ePayments, WebMoney, EPESE.

Do you have a referral program?

Yes. The commission rate is 10% for Referrals earnings from Smart Tools and 5% for Referrals earnings from Individual Offers.

Referral Program Payment terms - NET30.

Referral commission eligibility - 6 months since each Referral account registration.

What is Conversions Risk Score?

Risk score indicates how likely it is that the conversion has been generated by fraudulent means. The high risk score might lead to the account suspension without pay.

    • Traffic generating conversions with low risk score (GREEN) always receives maximum eCPM rates and best coverage;
    • Always try to keep your overall average risk score in GREEN to avoid any delays in payments approval and possibility of account suspension;
    • Prevalence of conversions with high risk score might lead to the account suspension without pay;
    • The actual revenue amount to be paid out always depends on the final approval by Advertiser who received the traffic;
    • Conversions generated using bots, proxies, scripts, auto-refreshers, or any other surreptitious methods are rejected in real time.

    What is fraud?

    Based on our network policies any actions violating rules and requirements established by our Advertisers will be considered fraud and result in non pay.  Few examples of such violations are:
    • Sending incent traffic to non-incent offers or smart tools;
    • Use of various types of misleading and inappropriate ad creatives; 
    • Conversions generated using bots, proxies, scripts, auto-refreshers, or any other surreptitious methods.

    How often is the stats updated?

    Every minute. There are very seldom cases when a small number of conversions might be delivered later on within 15-30 minutes due to delays in reporting from Advertisers side.

    What is Sub ID and why do I need it?

    Sub ID is a unique identification token attached to any of your ad tags to help you to track, evaluate the performance and optimize your traffic sources to maximize the ROIs.

    Do you have API and how can I use it?

    Yes, currently we support two types of API:
    • Offers API - allows you to parse all our offers at the same time to track and receive all the essential updates in real time;
    • Stats API - allows you to receive statistics in any convenient to you reporting format.

    What does the Conversion Flow stand for?

    Conversion Flow is a user behavior model you will be paid on:
    • SOI (Single Opt-In) - user only needs to enter his e-mail, no e-mail confirmation required;
    • DOI (Double Opt-In) - user needs to enter his e-mail and verify it after he signs up;
    • 1 Click -  user can subscribe to any service just by clicking "Confirm" or "Accept";
    • 2 Click - user can subscribe to any service by clicking "Confirm" or "Accept", but also needs to click the confirmation link delivered by SMS  (both 1 / 2 Click Flows are typical for mobile subscriptions);
    • Pin Submit - user needs to enter his mobile phone number, then he gets a PIN -  confirmation code, and once the PIN is entered into the page - conversion fires;
    • CC Submit - user needs to enter a Credit Card number;
    • CPS (Cost Per Sale) - you will get paid as soon as a user makes a purchase;
    • CPI (Cost Per Install) - you will get paid as soon as a user installs an advertised application.

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