Fast payments

Now faster payments are available for you! As soon as your traffic is checked you can order a payment. No need to wait till the end of the next month! Minimum payout is just $50 – we can pay you via PayPal / WebMoney (WMZ) / WIRE / Paxum / Capitalist

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Verticals & Flows

We are dealing with direct advertisers, providing you the highest bids for your invetory!

Tools for publishers


Direct link / JS tag

Place it on your website and start earning today!


XML / JSON feed

If you have your own RTB platform, you can integrate with us via XML / JSON feed. Get in touch with us to get your private feed and earn more with push, native, in-page, pop and calendar traffic.



You can work with us using the most popular type of integration: OpenRTB, which operates based on clicks or impressions. Our version of OpenRTB is 2.5