Monetize Your Mobile and Desktop Traffic and
Earn More with Ad Networks for Publishers

  • Weekly Payments

    Tired of waiting around for cash from your publisher ad server or worrying about the security of your online funds? Our weekly payment system puts an end to long waits and makes it easy to get paid quickly and securely. Your cpm publisher network is making you money – you should be able to access it with ease. Our system currently works with PayPal only.

  • 100% Fill-rate and High eCPM Rates

    As a common industry metric used to measure monetization performance, a high eCPM rate is vital to any mobile app publishers looking to boost revenue. Our advanced optimization algorithm delivers the top paying ads to any traffic source, and with our 100% fill rate and consistently high eCPM rates, it’s not hard to see why we are listed among the best mobile ad networks for publishers.

  • Top Performing Ad Formats

    We support ad formats of all types across our joint advertiser publisher network, with standard, custom, desktop and mobile optimization available. With support for smart links, banners, pop ups and more, we support all top performing ad formats. Desktop and mobile app publishers struggling to find the right format can request a personal tool created just for them, based on how they monetize their traffic.

  • Premium Mobile and Desktop Offers

    We connect desktop and mobile advertising publishers with premium offers. Publishers can select an offer to promote themselves or opt for our smart link option, in which our automatic, optimized rotator connects them with top paying offers. Either way, we pair publishers with compatible, high-quality advertising partners, making it easy to make money off mobile and desktop advertising.

  • Quick sign up

    The greatest part about working with one of the best mobile ad networks for publishers is how easy it is to get started. Simply sign up, choose one of the supported ad tags and start monetizing your traffic within a few minutes. With reliable payments, excellent customer support and great monetization opportunities, there has never been a better time for publishers to sign up with Targeleon.

  • Referral Program

    Did you know that you can make passive income simply by sharing your experience working with us? It’s true - on top of the great ad networks for publishers, our referral program, makes it even easier to get paid. When you refer new users to our platform, you get a referral commission deposited straight into your account. It is that simple.