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Push notifications

Push notifications are messages with text and image, that are “pushed” to the desktop or mobile device of users. Benefits of Push notifications on our platform: - Large volumes of high-quality traffic. - Notifications arrive even if the browser is not used. - Worldwide traffic from more than 200 countries. - Motivated traffic, because it includes title, description, icon, and image.

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Native Ads

Native ads are a type of advertisement that match the content of the site. What is special about Native ads? - They don’t disturb the user on the website while he is surfing. - Native ads match the form and function of the adverts on the website they appear on. - Native ads are available on any device, OS, and browser where they appear on. - This type of ad easily passes through the most of the AdBlock programs.

In-page Push

In-page is a special type of traffic, that looks like classical Push notification, but display only when the user is online on the site. In-page is be the best solution for the advertiser to outcompete Push format because it has several advantages. What is the difference? - The most important difference: This type of ad doesn’t require the collection of subscriptions, so they only appear when the user is online. - Higher CTR compared to traditional Push. - The large volume of high-quality traffic with web-sites in different verticals. - Worldwide traffic.

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Pop traffic

Pop traffic (pop-under, click-under, pop-up) is a full-page ad format that appears when the user clicks on a website. Specifics: -Affordable price in comparison to other formats. -Large volumes of worldwide traffic. -Many different offers could be tested due to the ease of launching a campaign, it just requires an URL link.

Calendar notifications

Calendar notifications is an alternative ad format that is supported on all the iOS devices: iPhone, iPad and even Apple Watch! What’s new in this ad format? - Specific targeting of iOS users on all devices that have calendar app. - Different audience to any other ad format. Valued users will receive your ad. - More space for your title and description compared to other ad formats - Higher conversion rate, because ads are sent to standard iOS app.

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