Advertiser's FAQ

What price model do you use to sell traffic?

You can purchase our traffic by creating CPA or CPM ad campaigns.

What type of traffic is available?

Currently we sell mobile and desktop Pop and Redirect traffic.

What traffic targeting is available?

Any combination of the following targeting is available:

Mainstream / Adult / Incent / Non-Incent / GEO / Device / OS / Browser / Carrier / Frequency/ Source (Blacklist or Whitelist)

What is the minimum deposit?


How can I add funds to my Advertiser account?

Currently we accept auto deposits from PayPal and ePayments. The deposits will be posted immediately to your Advertiser account balance.

Do you refund the unused account balance?

Yes. The unused account balance can be requested for refund within 30 days of its initial deposit.

I don't like the traffic I've purchased, can I request a refund for funds already spent on traffic?

No. All traffic sales are final. Only unused account balance can be requested for refund within 30 days of its initial deposit.

Do you have Traffic Estimator?

Yes. Our Platform Traffic Estimator will help you to evaluate current volumes, rates, average and maximum CPM for each GEO and OS, as well as simulate the possible campaign performance based on suggested given parameters.

Is there a minimum bid for CPM campaigns?

Yes. The minimum bid for CPM campaign is $1.

Is there a minimum Payout for CPA campaigns?

Yes. The minimum Payout required for CPA campaign is $0.01.

What are the benefits of CPA campaigns versus CPM ones and how do I set them up?

The main benefit of buying traffic using our CPA campaign option is you paying only for conversions. You always have positive ROI. 

To launch CPA campaign, you can take a smart link in any of the networks offering one, such as Mobidea, Kimia, Yeahmobi, etc., and use it in your CPA ad campaign with us as Campaign URL. Please make sure you follow all the instructions, add Click ID token to your Campaign URL and implement Postback URL on your side.

Is Targeleon compatible with third party tracking services such as Voluum, AdsBridge, etc.?

Yes, it is. In case you need any help in order to set up third party tracker for your ad campaign with us, don't hesitate to get in touch with our Support.

What is Postback URL and why do I need to set it up?

Postback URL with Click ID and Payout tokens is required for CPA campaigns in order to track and report conversions and payouts correctly. It should be set up on your side either using third party tracking service, or in the network campaign settings where you are planning on sending our traffic to.

Please make sure you always use Click ID token in your Campaign URL as well.

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